Gift guide for moon lovers - Guía de regalos para amentes de la luna


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Les he preparado una guía de regalos para los que como yo mueren de amor por la luna. Yo los quiero todos y creo que ustedes también. Si conoces a alguien elige cualquiera de estos y será muy feliz.


I have prepared a gift guide for those who like me die of love for the moon. I love them all and I think you will too. If you know a moon lover choose any of these and he or she will be very happy.

1.Moon like Night Wall Light Lamp Multi Modes from Amazon.
2.Trees sea and the moon wall clock from Society6.
3.Moon shaped solar String Lights(Waterproof)from Amazon.
4.Moon & Stars shower curtain from Society6.
5.Moon Journal from Urban Outfitters.
6.Moon Plate Rings from Amazon.

Valentina Vaguada: gifts guide for moon lovers, moon, stars, shoes, pouch, dreamcatcher, calendar, leggins

7.Star maker, moon an whale art print from Society6.
8.Del Toro To thw moon and back shoes from ShopStyle.
9.Teeki Moon Dance Legging from Urban Outfitters.
10.TWIG & ARROW Moon Pouch from Tilly's
11.My moon dream catcher hand made from valetosart.
12.2016 Wall Calendar / Many Moons from artist Jessica Weymouth
13.Shannon Clark For DENY Love Under The Stars Duvet Cover from Urban Outfitters.

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